Sunday, October 21, 2012

Updated Pics Of My New Color (curly hair this time)

I can never last long with flat ironed hair. I was starting to feel uncomfortable with my color being so much lighter so I decided to go back to curly. First I did a pre poo with coconut oil let that sit on my hair for about 40 min, then washed it tressame naturals low sulfate shampoo, put tressame naturals moisturizing conditioner in it, left that in, added some unrefined coconut oil on top then kinky curly curling custard and my hair is SOFT! My curls are even falling so much better since she cut it! I like it SO much better curly!


  1. Pretty. I can see tints of red, and it looks lovely. I think leaving coconut oil in your hair is a good idea.
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  2. Thank you :) Ive had it changed up a bit since this picture I just havent had a chance to update yet been super busy

  3. I love your curly hair! I have always wanted to have curly hair!

    Sita xx