Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ive been soo busy!

Sorry for my lack of post recently. Ive been so busy! I thought I was already out of a laptop even though we just got this one due to the fact my 2 year old son stuck a quarter in the cd drive...however after not being able to sleep tonight I googled it on my phone and got the bright idea to simply turn it on its side and give it one good shake and voila! out fell the quarter. No need for the apple store techs :) I've started working this week, I had my hair recolored since my last post and I LOVE IT pics soon to come. I also have some recent lipstick purchases I wanted to show everyone, perfect fall and winter colors. I've purchased a few new hair products, camille rose twisting butter and oyin hair dew. Curl Junkie repair me is on its way as well. So hair post will be coming up soon too! Talk to you all soon! <3

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