Thursday, April 18, 2013

Playing in Makeup

The other night I got to play in makeup :) Ive always liked seeing fun makeup looks, I really want to try anime looks or old age makeup next. Id love to be able to do theatrical makeup.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gel Nail Art.

Gel polish on my sisters natural nails. I used Gelish for all of the colors :

Sephora Client.

A quick prom look I did today on a client at Sephora she didnt want to wear and foundation which she really didnt need her skin is gorgeous, so I just dusted some light powder on her, some bronzer blush lips and eyes. My cell phone camera didnt take the best pics but it works :)


Soft makeup look I did the other day:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Before and After Time!

So I mentioned a couple weeks back that I was going to start freelancing in edition to what I do at Sephora. Since my blog is listed on my business cards and comp card, Im gonna start posting before and after pictures of my clients :) First is my beautiful friend Crystal! I will never forget the help she gave when I first had my daughter, I was soooo tired and she came over so I could sleep. Sleep is more valuable than diamonds and gold when you have a 2  year old and a few day old baby. Now shes 5 months preggie and I cant wait to be able to hold her little bundle of joy when he gets here! Yesterday I got to do her hair and makeup and here are the before and after pics. My favorite era is the 50's and 60's  that old hollywood glam is beyond gorgeous to me. I had that in mind as I did her hair and makeup. She said she had never wore a red lip before so we played with that and it turned out amazing!

Time for a Change

A hair color change :) I decided to color my hair back to brown, the blonde and honey colors were awesome, I really really loved them. You could start to see the dryness and damage though from the color, when your hair is light it shows frizziness wayyyy more I noticed. So in an effort to mask that I decided to go back to brown. This time I MEAN it....NO more hair color! 

I used a box color, Loreal Superior Preference in dark brown. My hair did feel a little dry and my ends were in desperate need of a trim so I got about half and inch to an inch cut. I hope that helps with the tangles. I also found an awesome place on amazon that sells 100 percent real silk pillowcases, not the hot sweaty satin "silk" ones at walmart. I am in LOVE with it! My hair has felt so much better. I dont really like sleeping in a scarf, I always forget to put it on and when I do it always comes off 5 min after I fall asleep. Cotton pillowcases absorb all the moisture in your hair while you sleep, so if your having dry hair issues, I'd look into a real silk pillowcase. Here are a few pictures of my hair color and cut :) 99 percent of the time I wear my hair curly but I like to have it cut when its flat ironed. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

JRS Photograph! (aka my super talented sis in law)

Ladies if your live in Florida (or will be vacationing) and are ever in need of a photographer/cosmetologist/makeup artist definitely check out my sister in law Jenna. She is the owner of JRS Photography based in Lakeland, Florida. Shes seriously probably one of the most creative people I know. She has a natural talent of being able to capture the best moments with her photography. Check out her facebook page here for more info and photos of her work! Make sure to click "LIKE" once she gets to 100 likes on her page shes giving away a free session! If your in Ohio you can still win because is gonna be coming back to visit at the end of the year.
Here are a few of my favorite photos of her work, first one being my baby Noah :)