Thursday, June 20, 2013

Playing in Makeup. Glitter Cut Crease

I only did half of my face :p Bored playing in glitter :) I LOVE occ glitters. They dont irritate your eyes at all either. I use lash glue to make it adhere better. It rubs right off easily with waterproof makeup remover. I use the sephora brand one. I was also playing around with Milk of Magnesia for a primer so if you happen to see white patches on the other side of my face thats what it is :) I was gonna do my whole face but got lazy. I use RCMA foundation palette in a few dif shades for my foundation highlight and contour. Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz in brunette and ELF powder in med. Urban Decay smoked palette and a few smashbox colors. Lashes are from ebay.