Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hair Updates

So since my blog is mainly about hair and beauty (it supposed to be anyways :p) I will do a hair update!

If your new to my blog, around a year and a half ago I cut off all my hair. It was about an inch long when it had been bra strap length. Ive cut it a lot since then, straight across the bottom to make it all one length eventually but Ive regretted doing that! Its growing out in a weird shape now. I dont advise doing that lol Ive cut my own ends all along the way as well. So needless to say I think its a bit uneven but I also love it some days. I am not using heat on my hair as much as I was before which was mainly about once a month. I dont have time to straighten it now. most days I just wear it in a bun or a high pony tail puff thing. These pictures are today and its a 3 day old wash n go. I used Tressame naturals moisturizing conditioner as my leave in, hairveda vatika frosting as my sealant, and I used kinky curly curling custard on top of that. That sutff usually gives me multiple day hair with a wash n go.

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