Sunday, October 14, 2012

Grilled Lemon and Butter Salmon, Green Beans, and Rice

My husband once again made dinner :) Tonight he said he wanted grilled salmon so off to sams club he went to buy a big chunk of salmon to grill. He marinated the salmon in a lemon pepper seasoning, lemon juice, and butter for a couple of hours. I bought some fresh green beans at the store for my fave side dish. I cut off the ends of the green beans cleaned them and laid them on a cookie sheet, I didnt have evoo (because its under the bathroom sink with conditioner on it from my last deep treatment with evoo haha) So I had to use vegetable oil. I highly recommend you dont do that. Olive Oil is MUCH better. Very lightly coat them with it ( I accidentally put WAY too much oil). You may even be able to get a cooking spray since they come in Olive Oil options as well. Once you coat them sprinkle some salt all over them. Turn the oven up to 450, and put them in for about 15 min. When they come out you have a healthier mock french fry :) Its sooo good. I literally could eat a whole bag of green beans myself. My friend posted a picture of hers on Facebook one day and I've been hooked ever since. Back to dinner..scott also made rice along with dinner, I would of been happier with just plain jasmine rice in the rice cooker but he got one of those pre seasoned packets you can buy at the store. It was a good dinner! Tomorrow night is beef stew :)
Sidenote...yes we use paper plates 99 percent of the time to cut back on dishes, not the most glamorous or eco friendly way but with a newborn and 2 year old I need to cut corners where I can!


  1. This is definitely something we eat a lot. Salmon is such a great source of protein and omegas.
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  2. We def need to eat it more it was so good!