Monday, February 27, 2012

We Find Out Today What the Baby Is!!!

We have 3 hours before the ultrasound appointment! So excited! I have no idea one way or the other. I refer to the baby as he sometimes but all I have been able to think about is girl stuff. So no clue. I dont even know what I want besides a healthy baby.

My thoughts on Girls vs Boys: CLICK BELOW!

Girls Good stuff:
Makeup :)
Frilly stuff
Cute clothes
pierced ears
will give you babies when they get married

Girls Bad Stuff:
school can be extra rough for them to feel pretty
the need to feel pretty haha

Boys Good Stuff (this is all from my experiences with Noah):
they love their mamas :)
So loving
So sweet
Easy to dress
Easy to amuse
Love to cuddle with their mamas

Boys Bad Stuff:
May get in fights in school :/
hormones...aka girls
more dare devils with driving

These things I know have no weight whatsoever Im just sayin..

So I dont know. To me economically a boy would be better because weve saved all of noahs stuff! We could leave his room the color it is, and I know how to take care of a baby boy haha. A girl though would be nice because my husband doesnt want anymore kids would be nice to have one of both. Im torn. I wont be sad either way. I just want whatever it is to be a healthy strong baby! Its odd to say...but for some reason I cant wait to nurse. That bond is something I didnt really get to have with Noah long. I went back to work and nursing stopped. So this time I want to nurse only. No formula. So....I'll be reporting back today! We Will See SOON!!!

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