Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Got the Job at Sephora!

Im so excited! I have been online looking for clothes like crazy because it's a temporary position to start out with, so I dont have a costume like the perm employees, that is..not until I become one also :) Im hoping they will keep me on after the holidays also because my goal is to be able to do peoples makeup as often as possible! goal is to be promoted to a store manger all the while being an amazing makeup artist haha but baby steps. Im able to wear white, black, and red. I really want a Peplum dress. The ones I've seen are soooo expensive. Im on a mission to find some cute dresses that are super cute but not super expensive. These are the styles Im wanting.


Wallis black cocktail dress

Peplum dress

Floral dress

Christian louboutin pumps

Platform shoes
$700 -

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