Monday, October 31, 2011

Update of the Cassia and Amla

So I finally uploaded the pics I took the night I did my herb treatment. I didnt notice that big of a difference. My hair is shiny today, and feels good BUT thats coming from an etsy shop :
her products are amazing. Thats def where my shine is coming from.
Here is my hair after I washed it and conditioned it, no products air dryed.

here is my mix:

I mixed up 100 grams of cassia, 100 grams of amla, some evoo, castor oil, hairveda vatika frosting, and warm water. I let it sit for an hour before putting it in. I got my powders from butters n bars.

Here is the after still no products in hair, just rinsed out the mix, co washed with a cheapie condish

my hair was still a little wet in the last ones. Im not exactly sold on it yet. I only used half of the mix I made so I will prob try it again, next time I think Im going to mix some conditioner in the mix and do more so of a glaze. I will say considering cassia is colorless, my hair looked more red after I rinsed it which is odd. Im not sure why that happened. Maybe the amla? I thought that would have a darkening effect only if you had light hair, but not sure. I do have hair color on top of hair color on top of hair color lol and it was just the parts that are colored that looked lighter aka more red.

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