Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Update On Wen Cleansing Condish on a WNG!

Sorry I dont have any pictures, I washed my hair at night and went to bed after so when I woke up it looked like a birds nest lol. Not picture worthy...BUT it was SO SOFT! Normally my hair is pretty dry when I wake up. I washed it in the shower using Wen..rinsed that out and added my leave ins, giovanni direct leave in, and tressame naturals as a leave in. Topped that with Hairvedas Vatika Frosting and my own mix of shea butter and the vatika frosting (yes a double dose of the frosting! it smells sooo good!) My hair was soft all day today. Im surprised by this stuff...I def wasnt expecting it to work so well! Im going to purchase the small size of the Fig version next time, a couple ladies said it was more moisturizing so Im excited to order it! I will definately take some pictures then!

Sidenote: On my youtube channel I was tagged to do the Curly Girl Tag! I did do it, but it was about a week ago and I had straight hair...I feel lame doing the curly girl tag with straight hair, but if I cant get a chance to record it again with curly hair the straight will have to do. Ill post it here as well once its up!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wen Cleansing Conditioner Review

I was veeeerrrry sceptical about this. I really didnt think it would work! It came in my glambag ( which I still need to upload pics for my review of) I used it yesterday when I washed my hair, I got my hair wet, started at my scalp, worked it to the ends and then combed it through like the directions say to do. Did my shower routine and rinsed about 8 min later. I have to say I was really impressed I didnt even do a rinse out conditioner after! The ingredients state glycerin which had me nervous because my hair doesnt like glycerin during the winter. It just drys it out. I didnt wear my hair curly, I towel dried it, added some giovanni direct leave in and tied it back to let it air dry for a couple hours. Then once it was about 85 percent dry I added some Moroccan oil and redkin smooth down, blow dried my hair and then sectioned and flat ironed. Its been a day I've slept on it twice tied it up last night but for a nap today just left it as it was and its still really shiny and soft!
This picture doesnt look too good but its all I could get from my phone being 11:38 pm :)
 Wens Cleansing Conditioners
Thats Chaz Deans website with the Cleansing Conditioners. They have different price points I think the cheapest I saw was 18.00 for 6 oz. Now I have yet to try this on my hair when I plan to wear it curly...so I cant say it will have the same results. Usually my hair curly is way more picky. So once that happens I will report back with the curly update. It will probably be some time though because for now, I'm liking my hair straight :) Ive been wearing it curly for the majority of a year. Its time to switch it up a bit. If you have used Wen let me know what you thought about it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Belly Pic/ Hair updates...

13 wks 4 days
So I havent really talked to much about hair products or makeup since I've been pregnant but thats just because those two things have been far far from the front of my mind lol. My skin and hair are very upset about that! The time period where I couldnt drink water really messed me up! My skin has been breaking out all along my jaw line, but not just my face, Im getting acne on my back my arms my legs?! Its driving me crazy because the last time this happened I was maybe 13! Thankfully I  can drink water again! I am trying to drink around 90 oz (starting today) Yesterday I had about 60 which is the most I've had in months in one day. My hair is sooooo dry. Super extremely dry. Usually if my hair gets dry when Ive been wearing it curly for awhile Ill straighten it for about a week and when I wash it, it goes back to normal, not as dry anymore. Not this time! Its dry straight, its dry curly its just DRY! I've been going straight a week curly a week. I've been trying to find a good deep conditioner because none of the things I have are working and they normally do. I love biolage ultra hydrating balm, only I'm all out! I should probably just go ahead and buy another bottle because I know that works amazing on my hair. I've been trying natural stuff, silicone's, non sulfates and sulfates (to clarify in case of a possible buildup being the reason for the dryness). Nothing is helping. A new product that I bought and have used the past few days is Moroccan Oil brands oil treatment.

Only...its not an oil treatment lol its more like a silicone treatment the ingredient list is full of silicones one lil oil insert and its not the first thing. I honestly am not sure if its a heat protectant. I have spent some time online looking for the answer to that but no where credible either says straight up yes or no to it being one. I even emailed the company about a week ago but no answer yet. Sooo, based off of the youtube vids and blogs I read...I used it as one prior to blow drying. I used GHD prior to flat ironing though. Afterwards I added a little more to my ends. Ive actually been adding it to my ends everyday and it has been smoothing, and makes it shiny no build up, no greasy feeling. I tried it with a wash n go also, it dried my hair out BAD so its a no go for the curly styles. Usually when I wear my hair curly, I use all natural stuff. When I wear my hair straight, I use silicone's and sulfates. I like to clarify prior to straightening then clarify again prior to going curly. My DC ( deep conditioner) prior to curly is a natural one, my DC prior to going straight is normally a non natural one. Lately I've been cutting my hair straight across the bottom every few weeks because I want it long but I also want it all one length for the most part. Not tons of layers like I had from my BC growing out. Hence the bob look. I am seriously debating on rockin the bob for a bit though....YES I said I would never cut my hair again until it was down my back....but I am really liking my hair at this length. So...I'm not sure how many ppl are actually going to read this...BUT if you do! 1 thank you! 2 what is your favorite deep conditioner?? How do you combat dry hair??

Saturday, January 14, 2012

12 Weeks 5 Days! Plus my first belly pics :) (and one of noah :p)


So A LOT has happened in my life since my last post lol. I really really am wishing things would just callllllm down. The biggest would be I'm no longer working. yay for me and my body, boooo for our bank account. Today I am 12 weeks 5 days as the title says and my last appt was 5 days ago. I've lost another 6 lbs from my last appt...and at that appt I had lost 10 lbs from my first appt. So I def need to try to increase my calories they said. I wish I could! I am still sick! Food is not my friend lately. Its amazing to me Ive have lost more weight pregnant than I did working out almost everyday not pregnant...
At my appt they tried to hear the heartbeat with the doppler and couldnt find it. I FREAKED OUT. When the midwife came in she pulled it up on the ultrasound and all was well. :) My next appt will be in four weeks when Im 16 weeks.

still no real cravings.
still very nauseas.
still exhuasted.
hormonal...mainly sad a lot.
losing weight instead of gaining so far. yet somehow jeans dont button?? well I shouldnt say the dont button. they do button but they give me horrible muffin top haha so i choose not to button them because then it looks more prego belly than chub.
odd thing lately is the fact that I couldnt drink water AT ALL for weeks! One sip in and I was puking! I was drinking gatorade like crazy. NOW I cant drink gatorade without puking and water is so good. haha crazy.
For about a good week everything I ate tasted strrrrrrong like salt. Like a ton of salt was just dumped on top. Its starting to lesson up now. I still taste a salty taste but its not as strong.
movement...idk. part of me wants to say yes but its not definate enough to say yes for sure. I wish I could say yes for sure. Feeling it move keeps me positive so I cant wait for that moment.
Thats all I can think of for now when it comes to pregnancy stuff. I set myself up for myglambag.com and it was sent out yesterday I saw so I will do another post when it comes :) Check out the website!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Rollin with the punches..

So I have been extremely sick. Super sick for weeks. Then last week my ear started hurting..I thought maybe it was a pimple or something, only after a few days the whole side of my face was hurting, I called my Drs office and they couldn't get me in for like a week so we ended up going to the ER. Again. (third time in one month) Turns out I have an ear infection :( Major Boo. Good news, the Dr rechecked the heartbeat to calm my nerves and it was def still there :) 170  BPM. I will be 11 weeks tomorrow. Counting down the days till this is all over! I have been able to eat more food than before. Spaghetti has been an unusual surprise. I can SLAM when it comes to spaghetti lol I literally eat like four bowls at a time. Its the only food I can do this with. So my hubby has been making it in mass amounts haha. Next Drs appt is the 10th so I will update after that :)