Monday, October 31, 2011

Skincare Mask!

Dr Oz’s Aspirin Mask Skin Remedy Ingredients:
- non-coated aspirin
- lemon juice
- baking soda

How to Make Dr Oz’s Aspirin & Lemon Juice Skin Home Remedy

Doctor Oz said that this Flawless Skin Home Remedy is a great way to clear your complexion. The aspirin has salicylic acid which helps to remove acne and pimples since it is like a chemical peel. The lemon juice has vitamin C and helps minimize sun damage to your skin. Baking soda works great at the end to neutralize the salicylic acid.
1. Mash up 6-12 non-coated aspirins and combine with freshly squeeze lemon juice.
2. Let the aspirin dissolve until it turns into a paste.
3. Apply the mask to your skin and leave it on for 10 minutes.
4. Remove the face mask by dipping a cotton round in some baking soda and some water

Update of the Cassia and Amla

So I finally uploaded the pics I took the night I did my herb treatment. I didnt notice that big of a difference. My hair is shiny today, and feels good BUT thats coming from an etsy shop :
her products are amazing. Thats def where my shine is coming from.
Here is my hair after I washed it and conditioned it, no products air dryed.

here is my mix:

I mixed up 100 grams of cassia, 100 grams of amla, some evoo, castor oil, hairveda vatika frosting, and warm water. I let it sit for an hour before putting it in. I got my powders from butters n bars.

Here is the after still no products in hair, just rinsed out the mix, co washed with a cheapie condish

my hair was still a little wet in the last ones. Im not exactly sold on it yet. I only used half of the mix I made so I will prob try it again, next time I think Im going to mix some conditioner in the mix and do more so of a glaze. I will say considering cassia is colorless, my hair looked more red after I rinsed it which is odd. Im not sure why that happened. Maybe the amla? I thought that would have a darkening effect only if you had light hair, but not sure. I do have hair color on top of hair color on top of hair color lol and it was just the parts that are colored that looked lighter aka more red.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cassia and AMLA powders! Goin ayurvedic! (sort of)

So Im doing a hair treatment tonight. We'll see how it goes. I ordered some herbs from butters n bars website. I got 100 grams of Cassia, 200 grams of AMLA, and 100 grams of Brahmi powders. For this batch all I did was mix the Cassia and one box (100 grams) of AMLA. Mixed it with warm water, some evoo and castor oil. Let it sit for an hour while I washed my hair. Its all air dried now and theres no products it in, I'm gonna go ahead and start with the process of application! I'll report back. I need to get with the program and start taking some pics! :)
Later gators.

ps. I've tried henna in the past when my hair was natural before. HATED it. yes it was baq. yes it did everything its done for everyone elses hair who loved it. It loosened my curl pattern too much and I like to be able to put highlights in when I want and I couldnt because they came out red! Bleach on bleach on bleach and it was red red red. No blonde like I wanted. So im not going to do the henna now that its all cut out but I tried cassia before pre henna and it was good :) so now im gonna try out these other herbs as well

Monday, October 24, 2011


A lot has been going on these past weeks.
Its been quite the roller coaster ride.
I havent been able to sleep at night.
Just awake. Not really functioning, just awake and unable to sleep.
For a brief time it felt like my life was on pause..
that pause is over but I still cant get the drive or motivation to get going.
I cant sleep at night, then once I finally fall asleep, with having a baby hes up early, so Im so tired when I get up I cant function more than to take care of him..everything else is suffering.
My life seems to have shifted in a major way recently. Maybe I'm not dealing with the change well.
Either way I dont feel like me. I dont even feel close to feeling like me. Part of me feels like I dont even know who "me" is.
There's so many distractions in life, its so easy to lose focus of what you want, what you stand for. You get so caught up in everything going on around you that you lose yourself and your footing. I feel like im standing still while everything around me is flying by.