Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sephora Interview

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So for people who know me, they know I've been a stay at home mom for a while now. Yesterday I had an interview at Sephora inside JCP. Sephora is my second home. I love being in that store. Even if im not shopping I love just looking at everything. Even though Ive seen it all many times before. I never get bored or tired with it all. I've loved makeup and beauty items since I was a little girl. So to be in that field is just a natural fit for me. My friends and family have already been coming to me to have their makeup done for events. Ive thought about going to aveda to be licensed but I just dont have the time for full time classes right now. So I applied online Saturday, I was called Sunday, I had my interview Monday (yesterday). I was super nervous because I want this job and I hate failure. I feel like if I dont get a job offer after an interview I'm failing somehow. I have yet to have that happen.....but I still havent been called back by Sephora yet so...

Anyways. I tried to take a picture of my outfit for my interview but theres toys all in the background and my face is blurry. The outfit is a little blurry. Its not the best photo taking by far but now that I have a computer again I'll get back in the swing of taking better pictures. The one with no tights was the night before trying it on to see if I wanted to wear that. The one with tights was walking out the door to the interview. The car shots were on the way there. Yes my child is in the car haha the whole family went and walked and played around the mall while I interviewed. 

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