Friday, September 9, 2011

Latest Nail Design!

This took an insane amount of time! Only because I had no clue what I was doing! Im going to show you the exact way I did this however I will say, I realized towards the end had I done this process BACKWARDS it would of went way quicker...However since I did take pics all the way through im posting them lol.

 I started off using a nude color by wet in wild as a base

Then I put a black dot in the center of my nail using a long thin striping polish

Now for your stripes

its ok if they look a little jacked up and thin that will be fixed

Filled white in the little triangle

made the black line thicker

Added a blue stripe

Added a pink stripe

Finally the last stripe which filled in the rest of the nail green

At this point I realized had I started with the green and worked my way up it would of taken way less time AND I needed to go back over each color from the botton up anyways to make them more prominant so my suggestion is start from the bottom up in the first place and it will take way less time than it took me :p Its going to look messy at this point but its ok because we start cleaning them up now with an art brush and pure acetone. Be careful to not mess up all your hard work!

Small squared art brush

Dont use this if you have fake nails, and dont use it regularly its too strong I only use it to clean up nail art
once they were all cleaned up I added a yellow stripe at the top after the back leaving a smaller white portion than before. I was seriously just figuring it all out as I went lol it was only supposed to be one stripe at first then next thing I know my whole nail is stripes! It works though :)
Few shots of the finished product and the actual products used all mine the grey bottle of polish idk why I lined that up I didnt use any grey.

Products used minus the grey color Idk why I put that there.. The brush laying next to the art brush came with a striping polish I bought years ago, threw away the polish kept the brush and I clean it with the pure acetone. Thats another reason this took so long, one brush tons of colors! Had to reclean it after every color booo to that.

Hope you like!

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