Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Hair Color!

So I decided today I wanted my hair colored and an hour later I was sitting in a chair getting it colored. Impulsive shouldve been my middle name. I have 16 tattoos that came about that exact same way.
I digress.
So I wasnt too worried about getting it done because my hair is really healthy at the moment. I dont use heat often at all. The only chemicals on my hair were the last two inches which was from april 2011 when I had a twa. The nice part was that the color that was on my ends was never touched! No color needed to be put on my ends except where I got highlights because she matched the color perfect. I was so happy with that. I like the color but its gonna take a little while for me to get used to it. Its a drastic change for me. The pictures I took do it no justice...its light! Ill be taking a lot more once its back to curly. She cut about an inch off and evened it out some. I still have about 4 inches to grow before I get where I want it to be. Part of me feels like it needs something. Some sort of color added to it for more dimension. I do like it though. I walked into the salon and everyone watched me lol my hair was BIG with no product. I love peoples faces when I first come in the salon and they tend to watch the entire time I get my hair done. As if some magnificent feat is being accomplished. The stylist watching keep saying to the stylist doing my hair " good job" or " your doing so good!" as if they are giving her mini pep talks. When I left the lady at the desk told me I had enough hair for 4 people haha. They have no clue how big my hair is when its longer than now! This is nothing! I was very happy with the girl who did my hair though. She was a champ. She did a good job and I have a feeling it was her first time doing my type of hair.She was super nice too. So here ya go! Lots of pics :) I had it done a few hours ago so i think it may tone done some in a few days. The flat ironed picture is right after I left the salon, the curled pictures are once I got home. I added some curls so I wont have much to do in the morning since itll be an early one.

with flash hence the shine.