Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Update On Wen Cleansing Condish on a WNG!

Sorry I dont have any pictures, I washed my hair at night and went to bed after so when I woke up it looked like a birds nest lol. Not picture worthy...BUT it was SO SOFT! Normally my hair is pretty dry when I wake up. I washed it in the shower using Wen..rinsed that out and added my leave ins, giovanni direct leave in, and tressame naturals as a leave in. Topped that with Hairvedas Vatika Frosting and my own mix of shea butter and the vatika frosting (yes a double dose of the frosting! it smells sooo good!) My hair was soft all day today. Im surprised by this stuff...I def wasnt expecting it to work so well! Im going to purchase the small size of the Fig version next time, a couple ladies said it was more moisturizing so Im excited to order it! I will definately take some pictures then!

Sidenote: On my youtube channel I was tagged to do the Curly Girl Tag! I did do it, but it was about a week ago and I had straight hair...I feel lame doing the curly girl tag with straight hair, but if I cant get a chance to record it again with curly hair the straight will have to do. Ill post it here as well once its up!

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