Monday, January 2, 2012

Rollin with the punches..

So I have been extremely sick. Super sick for weeks. Then last week my ear started hurting..I thought maybe it was a pimple or something, only after a few days the whole side of my face was hurting, I called my Drs office and they couldn't get me in for like a week so we ended up going to the ER. Again. (third time in one month) Turns out I have an ear infection :( Major Boo. Good news, the Dr rechecked the heartbeat to calm my nerves and it was def still there :) 170  BPM. I will be 11 weeks tomorrow. Counting down the days till this is all over! I have been able to eat more food than before. Spaghetti has been an unusual surprise. I can SLAM when it comes to spaghetti lol I literally eat like four bowls at a time. Its the only food I can do this with. So my hubby has been making it in mass amounts haha. Next Drs appt is the 10th so I will update after that :)

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