Saturday, January 14, 2012

12 Weeks 5 Days! Plus my first belly pics :) (and one of noah :p)


So A LOT has happened in my life since my last post lol. I really really am wishing things would just callllllm down. The biggest would be I'm no longer working. yay for me and my body, boooo for our bank account. Today I am 12 weeks 5 days as the title says and my last appt was 5 days ago. I've lost another 6 lbs from my last appt...and at that appt I had lost 10 lbs from my first appt. So I def need to try to increase my calories they said. I wish I could! I am still sick! Food is not my friend lately. Its amazing to me Ive have lost more weight pregnant than I did working out almost everyday not pregnant...
At my appt they tried to hear the heartbeat with the doppler and couldnt find it. I FREAKED OUT. When the midwife came in she pulled it up on the ultrasound and all was well. :) My next appt will be in four weeks when Im 16 weeks.

still no real cravings.
still very nauseas.
still exhuasted.
hormonal...mainly sad a lot.
losing weight instead of gaining so far. yet somehow jeans dont button?? well I shouldnt say the dont button. they do button but they give me horrible muffin top haha so i choose not to button them because then it looks more prego belly than chub.
odd thing lately is the fact that I couldnt drink water AT ALL for weeks! One sip in and I was puking! I was drinking gatorade like crazy. NOW I cant drink gatorade without puking and water is so good. haha crazy.
For about a good week everything I ate tasted strrrrrrong like salt. Like a ton of salt was just dumped on top. Its starting to lesson up now. I still taste a salty taste but its not as strong.
movement...idk. part of me wants to say yes but its not definate enough to say yes for sure. I wish I could say yes for sure. Feeling it move keeps me positive so I cant wait for that moment.
Thats all I can think of for now when it comes to pregnancy stuff. I set myself up for and it was sent out yesterday I saw so I will do another post when it comes :) Check out the website!

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