Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wen Cleansing Conditioner Review

I was veeeerrrry sceptical about this. I really didnt think it would work! It came in my glambag ( which I still need to upload pics for my review of) I used it yesterday when I washed my hair, I got my hair wet, started at my scalp, worked it to the ends and then combed it through like the directions say to do. Did my shower routine and rinsed about 8 min later. I have to say I was really impressed I didnt even do a rinse out conditioner after! The ingredients state glycerin which had me nervous because my hair doesnt like glycerin during the winter. It just drys it out. I didnt wear my hair curly, I towel dried it, added some giovanni direct leave in and tied it back to let it air dry for a couple hours. Then once it was about 85 percent dry I added some Moroccan oil and redkin smooth down, blow dried my hair and then sectioned and flat ironed. Its been a day I've slept on it twice tied it up last night but for a nap today just left it as it was and its still really shiny and soft!
This picture doesnt look too good but its all I could get from my phone being 11:38 pm :)
 Wens Cleansing Conditioners
Thats Chaz Deans website with the Cleansing Conditioners. They have different price points I think the cheapest I saw was 18.00 for 6 oz. Now I have yet to try this on my hair when I plan to wear it I cant say it will have the same results. Usually my hair curly is way more picky. So once that happens I will report back with the curly update. It will probably be some time though because for now, I'm liking my hair straight :) Ive been wearing it curly for the majority of a year. Its time to switch it up a bit. If you have used Wen let me know what you thought about it!


  1. Wen is AMAZING! I have been using it for 2 years on my 3a/b hair and it has changed my life! My hair is more manageable and has grown faster than it ever has. It is always shiny and healthy although it is colored. Love it! You should try the fig-that's what I use. It is a little more moisturizing and is great for curly/"ethnic" hair types.

  2. I used WEN in the past and stopped because it was expensive (maybe I'm heavy handed). I started using it again because it makes my hair happy. I use the fig. Although it's not my favorite scent it is moisturizing. My hair is soft but isn't always shiny because it's naturally a dirty brown color. :-/

    I purchased mine online from QVC.


  3. Ill Def have to look into the fig one!
    Veda I def thought it was expensive! I usually use giovanni's shampoos which are like 8 dollars and the smallest wen was 10 more than that! I think I may try out the Fig one and see if its really worth that price. I highly doubt it will be a regular purchase though being 18.00. Especially once my hair gets longer because its thick! This little sample I have only lasted twice!