Monday, December 26, 2011

10 Weeks Tomorrow (updated)

12/9/11 at the hospital for dehydration

at my drs office 12/13/11
So as the title says Ill be 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I've meant to do so many updates but I have been beyond sick. So sick. My "morning sickness" has been allllllll day long. All night long. Its hard to sleep but Im so exhausted. Its hard to eat but Im so hungry! I was hoping for an easier time my second pregnancy but it doesnt look like Im going to get it. We got to see the heartbeat, at 8 weeks. My next ultrasound isnt gonna be until around 20 weeks though so major boo to that. I may need to switch doctors even though this was my Dr for Noah as well. That has been a bit stressful. Hes just too expensive now that we are short one insurance company. Thats been a sad scary thought. I really like my Dr. Around 8 weeks I had to go to the hospital for an IV because I was so dehydrated from getting sick so much. It left around the begining of week 9 came back a few days ago. Its horrid. I am soooo drained. Sooo tired. It might be a bit early but I feel like I have felt a few flutters. I know that your able to feel them sooner with baby 2 and I have been thoughtful of whether or not it was just gas but it def wasnt gas. It had to be tiny flutters. Very faint. Not regular but If def felt them. Another annoying but common pregnancy symptom has come up lately one Id rather not say as its embarrsing and PAINFUL. It has sucked in a major way. Sooo basically it hasnt been much fun. Im anxiously awaiting better days. Hormones have had me a mess...random stuff makes me cry like not even sad stuff. A commercial can have a kid that says Hi mom! I cry. A movie can show someone smiling looking extra happy...I cry. Everything makes me cry! So this isnt really an upbeat update but its whats been going on.

Breakdown of everything going on:

I decided to add a few things..I've been searching online for blogs with pregnancy related things for the amount of weeks I am and the ones that help that most are the more detailed ones so Im gonna post what exactly has been going on besides just sick so if someone else sees this and is going through it youll know your not alone in your symptoms!

Food: One day it will be the only thing I can eat without getting sick so Ill cling to it...the next day I cant look at it without running to the bathroom sick. Water makes me vomit almost instantly. I can only drink gatorade at the moment. Last week it was ginger that makes me sick also. Crackers helped the first couple they make me sick when I even think about eating them. Apples sliced up have been my go to snack. its the only thing that makes me feel better and for the longest amount of time. Starting a couple of days ago I was able to eat baby carrots with ranch dressing for dip. 100 percent fruit popsicles in pomagrante only have been helping also. I have been a bit worried about not being able to drink water...but I am getting some fluids so it will have to do for now.

Sleep: I cant sleep well. I can still lay on my belly for a few min at a time but it sort of freaks me out so I have mainly been laying on my sides. the back is dangerous once you get further along so I have been trying to get used to not sleeping on my back now. From my first pregnancy on I have had to have a pillow between my legs on my side with I sleep and its no dif now. The left side is what makes me feel less sick. Im not sure exactly why, but laying on my left side helps so much more than laying any other way. Same when I was preg with noah. I cant sleep in my bedroom right now, its been sort of weird but the air in their seems more "foggy" which may be because we have a bathroom in there and shower etc. The air in Noahs room seems more "fresh" (plus noah doesnt snore like his daddy) I made up a pallet and Ive been sleeping on the floor in noahs room for the past few days. Its also a comforting feeling being in the same room as Noah. My back has felt much better since Ive been sleeping on the floor.

Hormones:  A tad bit crazy. Ive been upset quicker than normal. Smart alek things have been on the tip of my tongue at times but I havent said them out loud. I easily feel on the verge of crying for no reason at all.

Movement: slight flutters. not often. not strong.

Body:  My chest is reallllllly sore. A tiny bit of round ligament pain has started up but not much. My body feels bigger but I have yet to weigh myself, my clothes are def tighter, I have busted out my old maternity clothes but they are skin tight on me now cause I didnt lose all my weight from noah. My reg jeans dont button so I use a hair tie and long shirt.

No cravings yet, im just happy if anything will stay down.

Biggest worry...that my baby still has a beating heart.

My home: A BIG MESS!!  I could care less about cleaning Ive been so sick and drained. My lovely husband has been working so hard to try to keep things decent. All I can do when im not working is rest.

until later ....

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  1. you're almost there you're almost there...2nd trimester gets much much easier ;)