Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nars Danmari All About Cheeks Pallete! Swatches and Pics :)

I have so many different eye shadows that I think I'll be fully stocked for a loooong time. The only thing I dont have a lot of choices with is blush! I have been wanting to get Nars Orgasm for a while but couldnt bring myself to pay that price for just ONE blush...

then I saw this pallete a couple ofweeks ago. When I went to buy it was already sold out! I randomly checked it again last week and it was restocked so I got it. It came today and so far im so happy! You get six dif colors 4 blushes: Sin, Orgasm, Super Orgasm, and Desire. The bronzer Casino which is the darker one. Hungry Heart is the highlight. You can get this at Sephora online or the store.

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  1. I eyed this pallet but decided to purchase LaFemme blushes from instead. There were so many great comments on Youtube about these highly pigmented blushes and the great part is they are $2.50! I purchased a pan separately for $14. The selection of colors are amazing. Check them out.

  2. 2.50?!?! thank yoooooou! Im def gonna have to check that out! :)