Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Natural oils and butters VS Mineral oils...(body edition)

Soooo If you know me well you know I love all things natural for hair and body. When I was a teenager I was using baby oil every day on my body, and my skin always was soft and pretty (and sweaty lol that stuff seriously makes you sweat!) Once I got a little older and started learning about not using mineral oils in your hair products I also stopped using them in my body products. I figured the reason the I was sweating so bad was because the mineral oils were blocking my pores. (my reasoning not saying its a legit claim just my thoughts on the matter and I haven't read up on it..just sayin) So I've been using shea butter, coconut oil, and any other blends I can find online for my body products. Lately I revisited baby oil, not because of the recent "hair grease" trend in the natural world but because it was right in front of me when I got out of the shower ( I use it to remove eye makeup) and my shea butter wasn't. So that day my skin was so soft! It stayed soft the whole day! I have been using natural products for years now and I haven't had skin that still looked and felt moisturized all day long yet! The baby oil did that...so I'm wondering what the deal is with this.
This is def just for body though...the only way mineral oils will touch my hair again is if they start making diamonds sprout from my scalp! I have been there done that and my hair broke off constantly. Only since I went to natural products for my hair has it thrived. On my body though its another story...I'm def gonna be looking into why the natural products aren't keeping my skin as soft as the mineral oil products...

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