Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trying out a dif technique for Wash n Go's

So wash n gos have been my staple for the past 6 or 7 years. My hair is in a wash n go more than any other style. I usually just co wash (use a conditioner like a shampoo) daily in the shower, only rinse it partially out, towel dry my hair then add Giovanni Direct Leave In and Tressame Naturals and a sealant like hairveda vatika frosting or castor oil or shea butter mixed with coconut oil. I dont have any special way of putting it in I usually just slap it on there.

The few days I've been doing it differently, instead of using a towel, I've been using a cotton tee shirt to dry my which has made less frizz, then instead of just slapping the products on, I've been sectioning my hair and applying the products section by section. Four total sections. I am loving my hair lately! This is an awesome way of doing it! I was looking for a new way because my hair was feeling really dry. This technique is making sure all of my hair is getting conditioner. So its all moisturized. My hair is uber thick so this helps a lot! My curls are way more defined this way! Here is my hair yesterday after putting my products in:


  1. Thanks! I think it helped that I finger detangled it lol I NEVER detangle my hair

  2. Aw thanks! If only you saw it right now lol its all over my head lol HOTMESS lol but thank you :)