Thursday, November 10, 2011

The end of my anti aging routine... skincare routine was very short lived..just a few weeks. My skin has been looking a lot better, except as time has gone on its felt less oily. Yesterday it was sooo itchy and I thought it was because it was dry. Today I decided to use my ol faithful, purity made simple by philosphy, once my skin dried, I started getting a bright red scaley rash all around my chin and nose area. It itched so bad it started to burn!! Called my Dr and they werent taking paitents that late, so off to the er. The drs there said it was an allergic reaction. I'm not sure how it went on for weeks without a problem then out of no where today BAM rash. Last night I was too tired to wash my makeup off so I just used a makeup remover cloth that I have never used before. I'm not sure if that had something to do with it or not. I didnt want to risk it so I just returned the Peter Thomas Roth kit. For now I'm just gonna be sticking to what works. Prior to using these products I was just using St. Ives Apricot Scrub and Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. At times I'd use just plain dial antibacterial soap. So we will see....

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  1. There are so many anti-aging products out there. The problem is there is no proof that any really work