Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Before and After Time!

So I mentioned a couple weeks back that I was going to start freelancing in edition to what I do at Sephora. Since my blog is listed on my business cards and comp card, Im gonna start posting before and after pictures of my clients :) First is my beautiful friend Crystal! I will never forget the help she gave when I first had my daughter, I was soooo tired and she came over so I could sleep. Sleep is more valuable than diamonds and gold when you have a 2  year old and a few day old baby. Now shes 5 months preggie and I cant wait to be able to hold her little bundle of joy when he gets here! Yesterday I got to do her hair and makeup and here are the before and after pics. My favorite era is the 50's and 60's  that old hollywood glam is beyond gorgeous to me. I had that in mind as I did her hair and makeup. She said she had never wore a red lip before so we played with that and it turned out amazing!

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