Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Time for a Change

A hair color change :) I decided to color my hair back to brown, the blonde and honey colors were awesome, I really really loved them. You could start to see the dryness and damage though from the color, when your hair is light it shows frizziness wayyyy more I noticed. So in an effort to mask that I decided to go back to brown. This time I MEAN it....NO more hair color! 

I used a box color, Loreal Superior Preference in dark brown. My hair did feel a little dry and my ends were in desperate need of a trim so I got about half and inch to an inch cut. I hope that helps with the tangles. I also found an awesome place on amazon that sells 100 percent real silk pillowcases, not the hot sweaty satin "silk" ones at walmart. I am in LOVE with it! My hair has felt so much better. I dont really like sleeping in a scarf, I always forget to put it on and when I do it always comes off 5 min after I fall asleep. Cotton pillowcases absorb all the moisture in your hair while you sleep, so if your having dry hair issues, I'd look into a real silk pillowcase. Here are a few pictures of my hair color and cut :) 99 percent of the time I wear my hair curly but I like to have it cut when its flat ironed. 

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