Friday, December 2, 2011

First thoughts on Curl Junkie Curl Rehab!

So my first thoughts are....I LOVE this stuff! I got my order today from I got the strawberry ice cream scent, and it reminds me of OHM sweet hair pudding from a long time ago, I havent bought that product in years so if they changed the scent sorry. I shampoo'd my hair with Giovanni Tea Tree, conditioned with Tressame Naturals only this time I rinsed it out. I normally leave in it. Once I got out I sectioned my hair into 8 sections but I ended up sectioned a couple more once I started putting in the product cause it was still too thick..

I put the product from root to ends and finger detangled as I went. My hair was instantly softer. It feels so good! My hair has been feeling a bit icky. Not anymore though! You can use this stuff as a leave in, a rinse out, or a DC. Its quite pricey for my taste. 20.00 for 8 oz. A little went a long way though. So I was impressed with that. My hair is shorter now, about a week ago I cut it straight across the bottom so it would be thicker and closer to all being one length instead of tons of layers. Heres a few pics :) It came with a super cute little shopper bag!


  1. The hair looks luvverly! Can we see a picture of how much is left in the jar?

  2. thanks! ill take some today, it looks little lower but in that first pic of thr jar unopened it was pushed to the side and up with its delivery. its barely had a dent put in it though and ive used it about 4 times now. ill get some pics for you :)