Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tired and Drained but still made myself run :)

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Today, today, today! I watched the best little baby ever today, along with my son whos 18 months. I didnt get good sleep last night, and lets just say EXHAUSTED is an understatement. I was borderline sleep walking. I laid down attempting to nap for about 5 min, then jumped  up took a shower to wake me up, through on some running clothes and took off. I dont know what got into me but I kept telling myself no matter how tired I was, I would feel better if I ran and I did! I really didnt plan on running, my first thought was I'm gonna walk majority of it. I figured out that the route I've been doing is actually half a mile, so all this time I thought I was running a mile its actually been more! So I decided since I was so tired that I would just do an actual mile, less than what I've been doing so far but still something. I went out the door and started walking and that only lasted a few seconds, I started running, stopped a few doors down to walk and catch my breathe then started running again. By the end of it I was running HARD. Like I was really going HARDCORE. Apparently I thought I was filming a running shoe commercial lol. Probably looked a little dumb but oh well. I feel good. The crazy thing is, I went out the door feeling half dead from exhaustion, and I came back in feeling so energized and pumped up! Its amazing. I will definitely be sleeping good tonight. If you guys have any stories of getting out when you didnt want to and feeling good about it let me know! I'd love to hear it!

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