Thursday, September 1, 2011

My All Time Favorite Products For Natural Hair!

Regardless of how many products and lines I try I always tend to come back to these products. They are definitely my holy grail. Sometimes I think why the heck do I buy so many hair products when these are so amazing already?! Each time I come back to them I think why did I ever stop using this and fall in love all over again. Best of all, majority of them are all natural :) I try to use mainly natural products in my hair (minus the color yea yea) So lets get started!

1. Unrefined shea butter! This stuff is amazing for your hair and skin. Sometimes I'll whip mine up and add an oil, usually I just leave it alone. I usually buy mine from theres plenty of other sites that sell it though. Just make sure its unrefined! It has a strong nutty scent to it which to me is soooo stinky! You get used to it though. If you really really dont like it, I've found  mixing it with 's vatika frosting it makes the shea smell soooo much better! Speaking of vatika frosting that brings me to number 2...

2. Coconut oil! I use spectrum which you can get at whole foods. I usually get the one that is over by the cooking oils. Not the one that is near the essential oils. Make sure your coconut oil is unrefined as well. Another suped up coconut oil I LOVE is hairveda's vatika frosting. It smells sooo good. I love putting coconut oil in my hair after I've put in my leave in conditioner.  Sometimes like I said for number 1 Ill mix this up with my shea butter and it makes an awesome mix. You can use coconut oil on your body as well but for some reason it doesnt work to well on my skin. whole foods and the vatika frosting is from

3. Castor oil! Another sealant but castor oil is soooo amazing! I use this in my hair daily over my leave ins for my sealant. Even if I use one of the above items ill still add a little castor oil. Castor oil promotes hair growth. I use it on my eyebrows to make them thicker. If I over pluck or tweeze I start adding castor oil at night and my brows fill right back in. Sometimes I put some on a clean mascara wand and put it on my lashes also. I like to add a mix of castor oil and jojoba oil and put those two in a hair color applicator bottle and then do scalp rubs with the mix. Castor oil is sooo amazing!  (however if you drink it you'll be sooo sorry...) you can get this at whole foods or health food stores.

4. Tressame naturals conditioners! I used to use herbal essence for my cowashes but for the past couple years I've been a die hard fan of this one. Its always a go to for me. Im constantly stocked up, I usually leave it in my hair and not rinse it out. If I think I put tooo much in while in the shower then I may run my head under the water for a second or two but this one is fine for me to leave in. I have for a long long time now with no adverse affects. I also like using this when I do roller sets or braid outs or twist. This is at any drugstore or walmart etc.

5. Jessicurl weekly deep treatment! This stuff has never failed me. When I need a good deep conditioner this lovely products always treats my hair right! I would advise to get the unscented version though. Ive purchased both of the scents offered and HATED them. Idk what it is with them but I dont like the scents. I've even used this stuff as a leave in and my hair was soooo moisturized and fly! Its just too small of a container and I have too thick of hair to be doing that regularly lol. I usually get mine from use code nikki15 for 15 percent off :) They usually always have a coupon code for at least 15 percent and the shipping is fast.

6. Hairveda whipped clouds! I loooove loooove loooove this stuff for braid outs and twist outs. Its used best on dry hair. If you go to hairvedas site you wont see it, but those lovely ladies will prob still send it out to you like they did me :) All you have to do is email and ask. Id probably order more than one jar though since its not a product on the site anymore. This stuff smells soooo amazing. Actually theres not one product of hers that doesnt smell amazing. Its probably the only natural line that I love the scent of every single thing! This stuff is shealoe. Which is shea butter and aloe. Which is AMAZING! lol I didnt even realize how much I loved this stuff till it was too late I had already chopped off all my hair booo. Good thing I have 3 jars coming soon!

7. Giovanni Direct Leave in! This stuff has always been a favorite of mine, when all else fails, I pull this out. I put it in my hair daily and my hair thanks me for it. It works amazing for me. I love that I can get it on the ground and dont have to pay shipping. I just wish it came in a bigger size because I fly through the bottles of this. You can get this at target

8. Giovanni Tea Tree shampoo! Now every hair stylist I know has told me not to use this shampoo but I love it. My hair loves it. I've used it for years and never once had an issue. My only issue came when I started using other stuff! lol Came back to this and my hair thanked me. I love love love this shampoo! Its sulfate free, and the tingle that it gives your scalp is amazing. I always come back to this one. You can get this at Target.

So there ya go! My all time FAVE FAVE FAAAVE products :) There are other things that I use, and some I may use regularly but these are the ones that I call my favorites. These are the ones that I use all year long and they work regardless of season. These are the ones that no matter how dry or rough my hair may be feeling once I use them my hair returns to its fly self.

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