Thursday, September 8, 2011

1 Mile down 20 lbs to go!

I finally mapped out what would be one mile if I ran over and over around my block, when I took off I was hoping for 3 miles..... I got one lol Either way its good! Its better than sittin on the couch watching desperate housewives on netflix :) My goal is to lose 20 lbs. Right now im 150 lbs 5'7". Prebaby I was 130 and thats what I want to be again. I just want to be healthy fit and strong. With a six pack ;) haha so 1 mile down! Lets see if I can do a mile a day! If anyone wants to join in a mile a day run let me know! We will report back here daily!


  1. I think you're fine at your current weight actually, but there's nothing wrong with trying to get in shape. I'm an inch taller than you, but right now I'm 15 pounds heavier. Some of the weight is due to the pill. I'm usually between 155-160 but the pill makes it hard to lose weight. I'd be happy with a 5 pound loss right now.

  2. Thank you, Im just heavier than I've ever been. I know my body shape has changed since I gave birth but Im more flabby and I used to be more muscle. I wouldnt mind If it wasnt 20lbs that I lost Id just be happy if I started looking more fit and toned than jiggle. I think my medicenes make me keep the weight on too but I need them so running and weights are my go to for now