Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I think this nail design is my fave so far!!!

This once again was not what I had in mind when I started painting my nails today...especially since when I started my hand was wrapped up since I fractured my thumb today...booo to that. Couldnt paint it accurately though with my hand wrapped so away with the wrap! Dedication.
Anywho..I used sinfuls base coat (first time trying it) sinfuls blue in why not and black and white striping polishes. Seche top coat. I LOVE this. I think im gonna play around with different colors once this comes off


  1. Nice colors. I don't know how you have the coordination to do all that nail art though. I've always made a mess painting my nails with just one color.

  2. I used to be horrrrrrible at painting my nails! I learned to slow down, once I went slower and made sure I paid extra close attention to the setting up the outline to not get any on my skin it got easier, also I dont go as close to my skin as I used to. I leave a little space. hth :)