Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A few amazing (and not so amazing) discoveries since Ive began working at Sephora...

one... Kat Von D foundation is amazing for women of color.
two.....benefit they're real mascara is def a good one. forever HD foundation is horrible. as well as the MUFE face looked a hotmess...I have yellow based super oily skin.
four....Nars Sheer Matte has to be my all time favorite foundation. hands down.
five....I highly advise you don't put testers on your face in have no idea how many ppl come through and use them straight out of the bottle, from mascara to lipgloss to creams etc...
six.....although I do love the brands Sephora sells.... I do not like sephora brand brushes....
seven....Urban Decay remains my favorite eyeshadows...
eight....Too Faced lip injection is def more potent than Buxom plumping glosses. I literally watched a girl try one on her top lip and the other on her bottom and her top looked like she had lip injections a few min later. It was crazy.
nine........UD 24/7 liquid liner is no joke! I put some on my hand showing a client the color, and literally HOURS later and tons of hand washes and sanitizing and that line was still on my hand! Its crazy! The applicator brush sucks but its contents are no joke.

ten...if you wear cover fx its 25 percent off in the stores because its getting new packaging so nows the time to buy it up if thats your brand.


  1. OMG I thought there was something wrong with my application of the makeup forever HD product! People always rave about it and I never understood it!! haha

    -Hope to see you on my blog soon ♥
    A Preponderance of Fashion

  2. Great tips!! I always get overwhelmed with all the products in Sephora. Thanks for sharing!

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    Happy Holidays!! <3

  3. @fashion blawger yes I HATED makeup forever!! I love their HD translucent power and their HD concealer. The foundation and primer were horrible though. The powder wasnt that bad but I prefer a few others much better.

    @nikki monet Thanks for reading and following!!